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DRY FIRST is a 30-year family-owned and operated company.

Jerry & Mary Davis have proudly raised their son and daughter in Brevard County while building the company. Now that their kids have become successful young adults, Jerry & Mary have realized that their business and parenting principles have always been paralleled.

“My customers aren’t just people or an invoice to me,” Jerry explained recently. “They’re my neighbors, people I see out in public and in restaurants. Not once in thirty years, have I had anything but a positive, pleasant conversation when I’ve seen Dry First’s customers again, even long after we’ve completed their jobs. That’s really important to me. When my kids were young, they took it all in, as most kids do. I wanted them to learn the importance of delivering on promises, the value of integrity, and that our reputations are the most valuable things we’ve got. I always cared about the service we provided, the quality that we delivered, and the impressions we left.”

Even though Jerry and Mary’s ‘kids’ are today ages 26 and 24, and carving out lives of their own, Dry First still continues to live by those same tenets and beliefs. When a customer phones our 24/7 Emergency Service line at 3:00 a.m., standing in ankle-deep water, panicked and uncertain of what to do next, it’s not a stranger on the other end of that phone, not to us. It’s a neighbor, a friend in need who could use a helping hand and the guidance of our 30+ years of experience in water, fire, mold, and wind mitigation.

We understand that moments like this are extremely stressful and unnerving, but we’re here to help in every way. We take care of our customers like they’re our family. We work on behalf of our customers, in their best interests, and we strive to ensure that they don’t pay a dime over their insurance deductible, no matter the size of the job. Our greatest satisfaction comes when customers are smiling again, overjoyed with their beautifully reconstructed homes, and when they tell us that we’ve taken ‘the worst day of their life’ and turned the situation into one of the ‘best outcomes of their life!’

Nothing happens until the property is DRY FIRST!

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