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DRY FIRST provides 24/7 Emergency Mold Removal & Mitigation in Brevard County, FL

DRY FIRST provides 24/7 Emergency Mold Removal in the Brevard County area. We also provide full construction rebuilds of our customers’ properties once we’ve mitigated their immediate emergency situations. We advocate for our customers and assist them in dealing with their insurance companies while we restore their homes and properties to pre-loss condition.

Every customer is assigned their own DRY FIRST Project Manager who deals with their project, along with a DRY FIRST Claims Manager who stays on top of their claim, from start to finish. With over 30 years of experience, and a reputation for putting people first, DRY FIRST removes the stress and uncertainty that people face when dealing with insurance claims.

Nothing happens until the property is DRY FIRST!

What We Do

  • Set up and install proper containment
  • Install high-CFM air scrubbers and negative air machines
  • Remove all mold-contaminated building materials
  • HEPA-sand; wire-brush; HEPA-vac remaining building materials
  • Apply an encapsulant and HEPA-vac any remaining encapsulated mold
  • Advocate for the customer, meet insurance adjuster at property
  • Prepare detailed estimates using Xactimate, industry-standard software used by insurance companies
  • Pass a state-licensed and state-agented mold clearance test


Dry First is the BEST Mold Removal, Black Mold and Mold Remediation in Brevard County, FL, Merritt Island, Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Brevard County FL